Dredger ADST-200М

Dredger ADST-200М
Manufacturer: EPOS PJSC
  • Dredgers
    • With submersible pumping unit

Description :

The modification of the dredger ADST-200E with electric power supply from diesel generating set installed on the board of the dredger (M).

The power of the station is 100 kW. The diesel-electric generator is controlled from the dredger operator cabin. The station is located at the stern in a special ventilated protection shelter. The type of station, as well as its manufacturer, are to be agreed with the dredger customer.

Thanks to its modular and compact design (the plan dimensions are 11.5 x 5 m), ADST-200М can be transported to the operation site by trucks. To assemble it, 2 days are required.

The dredger maintenance personnel should include 2 employees. The replacement of dredge pump spare parts, as well as its disassembly, are carried out on the board of the dredger where an assembly platform is foreseen for this purpose.

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