Dredger ADST-300М

Dredger ADST-300М
Manufacturer: EPOS PJSC
  • Dredgers
    • With submersible pumping unit

Description :

The Modification of ADST-300E

The APFT pump installed on the dredger ADST-300М has got a low-speed electric motor with a high starting torque. The motor service factor is 1/35, that is why the pump can work with high overloads. The rotation speed of the pump shaft is 980 rpm ensuring the handling of slurries with abrasive inclusions.

The dredger power supply from diesel generating set:

  • Installed at the dredge stern in a special aerated protective enclosure;
  • Its power is 120-150 kW;
  • Controlled from the dredge master cabin;
  • Its type and manufacturer are selected as per the customer requirements.

The dredger electric system can be equipped with a changeover switch. Therefore, if the power cable is provided, the dredger can work with the shore power supply.

  • The ripping mode – hydraulic;
  • The dredger water displacement – 15 tons;
  • The dredger is assembled on the water by a truck-mounted crane within 2 days.

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