Centrifugal Self-priming Pumps

Centrifugal Self-priming Pumps
Manufacturer: Andritz
  • For sewage drainage waters
    • Centrifugal

Description :


  • Internal nominal diameter (DN) – from 80 to 250.
  • Flow – max 2,000 m3/h.
  • Head – max 75 m.
  • Pressure – max 16 bar.
  • Temperature – max 80 °C.

Type: single-stage single-flow centrifugal pumps with built-in liquid ring vacuum pump.

Pumped medium: water, viscous masses (for instance, with the content of sugar up to 70%), as well as media containing solid substances (e.g., for application in pulp-and-paper production and in the systems of water discharge).

Peculiar features: automatic priming; built-in vacuum pump does not let air to accumulate before the impeller, hence, this centrifugal pump works properly even at the high content of gases in the medium that is handled; the pump can transport even viscous-flow media.

Material: gray cast iron; high-grade stainless steel.

Shaft sealing: contact sealing ring.

The form of impeller: semi-open.

Fields of Application:

  • Water supply and wastewater discharge,
  • Pulp and paper production,
  • Sugar factories,
  • Other industries.

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