Horizontal Pumps for Water with Solid Inclusions of Mercury (E)RW Series

Horizontal Pumps for Water with Solid Inclusions of Mercury (E)RW Series
  • For sewage drainage waters
    • Dry-installation

Description :


  • Flow – 200 - 5,500 m3/h
  • Head – 5 - 70 m.w.c.

The company Nijhuis Pompen manufactures pumps for wastewaters that have deserved worldwide acknowledgment for their reliable operation with handling sewages containing solids. In the meanwhile, these pumps can boast of high efficiency.

The pumps for wastewaters by Nijhuis Pompen of (E)RW series (horizontal shaft position) can be delivered with a single-, as well as with double-channel impeller. Both these impeller types have concentric flow passages not less than 120 mm. Thus, a free movement of solids within the pump hydraulic part is ensured.

Application of the shaft with the enhanced thickness and decrease of its overhanging makes it possible to reduce its beating to the minimum, exclude the possibility of its breakage, as well as to increase the service life of the packing seal.

The seal can be manufactured in the form of a gland seal with oil or water lubrication or in the form of a mechanical seal.

All the pumps have dismountable construction making it possible to carry out repair and preventative works without the need to disassemble the pipelines and valves from the pumping unit.

Areas of Application:

  • Wastewaters;
  • Unpurified sewages;
  • Industrial wastes;
  • Muddy waters.

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