Single-Stage Centrifugal Pumps

Single-Stage Centrifugal Pumps
Manufacturer: Andritz
  • For Water
    • Centrifugal
    • Horizontal

Description :


  • Nominal internal diameter (DN) – from 65 up to 600.
  • Flow – up to 6,000 m3/h.
  • Head – up to 160 m.
  • Pressure – up to 25 bar.
  • Temperature – up to 200 °C.

Type: single-stage pumps with volute casing.

Pumped medium: depending on the form of the impeller, the pumps can handle: water, slightly polluted media containing solids; the mass concentration should not be over 8%.

Peculiar features: convenient servicing. Thanks to the modular system, the pumps have got a high availability ratio. Also, it is possible to use the components that are proven in practice, thus, reducing the number of spare parts in the stock. The pumps’ efficiency is reaching 90%. It is possible to supply the pumps with an additional deaerator (at high content of gases in the handled medium): ARE version.

Materials: gray cast iron, high-grade stainless steel, wear-resistant tempered steel.

Sealing of the shaft: stuffing-box sealing, contact sealing ring.

The form of impeller: closed, semi-open or open impeller; also, the design that ensures high resistance to wear.

Fields of Application:

  • Water supply,
  • The production of pulp and paper,
  • Mining industry,
  • Sugar plants,
  • Thermal electric plants,
  • Low-power hydraulic electric stations,
  • Further industries.

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