Vertical Centrifugal Volute Pumps

Vertical Centrifugal Volute Pumps
Manufacturer: Andritz
  • For Water
    • Vertical
    • Submersible/semi-submersible

Description :


  • Capacity - up to 180,000 m3/h.
  • Head - up to 40 m (concrete volute chamber); up to 250 m (metal volute chamber).
  • Power - up to 30,000 kW (concrete volute chamber); up to 50,000 kW (metal volute chamber).

Type of construction: metal or concrete volute chamber with guide device or without it.

Peculiar features: a volute chamber is computed according to the laws of hydraulics and designed in accordance with specific power indices. Thanks to individually designed form of a volute chamber, an optimum movement of flow in this chamber is achieved, hence the efficiency is high.

Material: gray cast iron, unalloyed and low-alloyed steel, duplex and super-duplex.

The form of impeller: radial and semi-axial 

Fields of Application:

  • Water supply,
  • Thermal electric power plants,
  • Other industries.

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